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Drop for Non-Attendance

  • Mandatory Non-Attendance (NA) Reporting is an important College-monitored process that must be completed by all faculty for each section every term. Even if all students have been present, faculty still need to complete and submit the NA report before the published deadline.
  • Please refer to the Faculty Center Guide Edition 2 for detailed instructions on completing this process.
  • Instructors should confirm NA reporting completion with the time/date stamp located in the top right hand corner of the class roster. If you don’t see this confirmation, please contact us before the reporting deadline has passed so we can assist.

Online Attendance

According to Federal Guidelines, the following are considered examples of  academic attendance in distance learning:

  • Student submission of an academic assignment.
  • Student submission of an exam.
  • Documented student participation in an interactive tutorial or computer-assisted instruction.
  • A posting by the student showing the student’s participation in an online study group that is assigned by the institution.
  • A posting by the student in a discussion forum showing the student’s participation in an online discussion about academic matters.
  • An e-mail from the student or other documentation showing that the student initiated contact with a faculty member to ask a question about the academic subject studied in the course. (U.S. Department of Education, 2018, p. 63)

U.S. Department of Education (2018). Volume 5 Withdrawals and the Return of Title IV Funds, 2018-2019 [PDF file].  Retrieved from https://ifap.ed.gov/fsahandbook/attachments/1819FSAHbkVol5Master.pdf

Early Alert

Faculty may submit an Early Alert Report to connect students who are experience academic challenges with an Academic Success Coach. The Early Alert Report is located in MyFSCJ on the Faculty tab, under Faculty Resources. The Early Alert Report addresses the following concerns:

  • Academic Concerns
  • Financial Concerns
  • Navigating College Systems
  • Social/Adjustment Concerns
  • General Complaints

The Early Alert Report also provides a link to the Advocate Public CARE Report to report non-Academic concerns such as:

  • Medical Concerns
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Non-Academic/Life Situations
  • Physical/Psychological Endangerment

Faculty Handbook

Complete information for FSCJ Faculty is provided in the Faculty Handbook 2019-20.

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