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Canvas News

FSCJ uses Canvas Learning Management System to deliver all online courses. The FSCJ Academic Technology blog provides up-to-date information on Canvas at FSCJ and other technology news.

Canvas Resources

Did you know that all faculty and students have access to 24/7 live Canvas Support? For all Canvas related questions, Canvas Support offers 24/7 Live Chat and Call support options. Links and information can be found within the “Help” link on the Global Navigation Menu.

Canvas offers a wealth of resources and documentation to support the Canvas LMS.  Canvas Guides includes a searchable library of guides, reference documentation, and technical resources for instructors and students.

Guides that may be particularly helpful to FSCJ Online Adjunct Faculty members are:

Canvas Course Materials 

Empty Canvas shells generate approximately 90 days prior to the start of each session. FSCJ Online Master Course content will be uploaded approximately four weeks prior to the course start date. If you are missing content, please contact Bea Harrison at bea.harrison@fscj.edu.

FSCJ Online Master Courses

FSCJ Online Master Courses are available for most courses offered by FSCJ Online. In the Master Course development process, faculty subject-matter experts focus on content development, while the CeL team focuses on developing modularized content that meet the Quality Matters (QM) standards and promote a learner-centered course design. In addition, the instructional designer assists the faculty in designing and developing other online course components, such as learning activities, assessments, and instructional materials that align appropriately with both course-level competencies and module-level learning objectives. To design and develop online courses that meet quality standards, it is essential to ensure alignment exists among course-level outcomes, module-level learning objectives, course learning activities, methods of assessments, instructional materials and resources, and course technologies used within the course. The CeL emphasizes the importance of accessibility and usability, so rigorous testing and quality assurance are implemented along with the course review process to ensure that the courses meet federal accessibility and quality standards. Through standardization of navigation and course structure, Master Courses share a familiar look and feel.

2022 Center for eLearning Course Catalog

Each Master Course begins with an announcement that provides information on navigating the course. The “Start Here” module includes a course orientation assignment that concludes with the student contract, a comprehensive listing of important student resources, and the introduction discussion forum. The full course content follows, organized by module.

Instructor Materials are located at the bottom of the content area of each Course Master. They are specific to each course, and instructors are asked to review the materials carefully prior to the start of the term. The Instructor Materials include the Center for eLearning faculty online course survey.This is an important tool to help us enhance and improve Course Masters, and we encourage instructors to complete this short survey. Please report any course issues (broken links, incorrect test questions, and suggested changes in the online lectures) through the course feedback and challenges area.

Please visit Course Readiness to prepare your FSCJ Online courses.

Please refer to your instructor materials before modifying Master Courses.


Canvas Tips 

Please visit FSCJ's Academic Technology site for Canvas Tips - Archive.

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