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 The FSCJ Academic Technology blog provides up-to-date information on Canvas at FSCJ and other technology news.


Canvas offers a wealth of resources and documentation to support the Canvas LMS.  Canvas Guides includes a searchable library of guides, reference documentation, and technical resources for instructors and students. All FSCJ faculty and students have access to 24/7 live chat and call support. Links and information can be found within the “Help” link on the Global Navigation Menu.

Empty Canvas shells generate twelve weeks prior to the start of each session.

Center for eLearning FSCJ master course content is loaded into Canvas shells six weeks prior to the start of each session.

Students are enrolled in Canvas two weeks prior to the start of each session. 

Re-opening a Course in Canvas

In situations where an "I" grade is assigned, the student may need to regain access to the course in Canvas. If this is the case, the instructor will need to re-open that course for the student through the following path.

  • myFSCJ
    • Faculty Center 
      • Faculty Resources
        • Technology Assistance (left hand menu)
        • Click on "Submit a Ticket For Help" button
        • Click on the Canvas tile
        • Click on "Canvas Access for Incomplete Resolution" link

Within the Canvas access for incomplete resolution form, you must complete all fields with an asterisk: Subject/catalog and four-digit class number, Student EMPLID, Student Name, and Last day of I grade contract.

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