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Canvas Help

New online students may benefit from the Canvas Student Guide. Students also have access to 24/7 live support with Canvas agents through the "Chat with Canvas Support (Students)" link. This is located under "Help" on the Global Navigation Menu, located on the left side of every page in Canvas.

Report It!

FSCJ Report It! provides a variety of academic and non-academic services for assisting students. It includes links to the CARE Report for students of concern and the Early Alert Report to facilitate early intervention of academic concerns.  Report it! can be accessed on the Faculty Center and Student Center tabs of my FSCJ.

Students with Disabilities

Florida State College at Jacksonville recognizes the importance of assisting and encouraging all students to reach their full potential. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Americans with Disabilities Act as amended in 2008, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the College ensures that its admission requirements are uniformly applied, and that its services, activities, facilities and academic programs are accessible to and usable by all qualified students. FSCJ Student Support Services implements and coordinates reasonable accommodations and disability-related services to promote full participation of individuals with disabilities in all aspects of college life.

Each professor will be notified if any students with disabilities are enrolled in a specific class. The communication from the Student Support department will specify what accommodations have been approved and must be offered. Each online course is already set up to be ADA compliant and to offer information in various ways -- such as a printed transcript for a video or an audio message for a visually impaired student. Faculty should use caution when adding any additional materials or media items and take steps to ensure compliance with ADA requirements.

Other Resources

FSCJ Support Hub LibGuide aggregates information about resources that members of the FSCJ community may access that will help them to successfully navigate their lives at FSCJ.

The following resources are provided in each Center for eLearning (CeL) developed course in the "Start Here" module under Student Resources.

FSCJ Online Contacts

Please direct students to fscjonline@fscj.edu with questions or concerns related to online classes.  Faculty should contact FSCJ Online at FRCDeerwood@fscj.edu

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