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Proctored Testing Assistance

Information sessions for faculty are scheduled periodically – please contact the Distance Learning Assessment Team at oc-proctoredtesting@fscj.edu / 904-997-2675 / 904-997-2676 for more information. You may also visit Online Course Testing.

Proctored Testing

Students taking online classes are sometimes required to take Proctored Testing, which requires students to show up in person to take specific assessments in a structured testing environment. FSCJ has adopted the Smarter Proctoring system for all online classes requiring proctored testing. SmarterProctoring is a test management system that makes life easy for both faculty and students. For ease of access for both faculty and students, Smarter Proctoring is integrated directly into each Canvas course that includes proctored testing.

Is Proctored Testing Required?

If proctored testing is required for a course, it is indicated in the Instructor Materials, located at the bottom of the Content Area in Canvas Master Courses.

Where can SmarterProctoring be found?

SmarterProctoring is listed in the Canvas Course Navigation in the Center for eLearning College Master courses.

How do students take Proctored Tests?

Students taking Proctored Tests can do so in one of three ways: Face to face Testing (local), Remote Site Testing (Out of Area), Virtual Testing (at home).

  • local students can test on campus (at no cost)
  • non-local students can set up remote testing (at their own expense)
  • any student can use the online protoring service to test from home (with their instructor’s approval and at their own expense)

Faculty may choose if they would like for their students to use the “at home” testing service. However, please be aware that students pay a fee for either remote testing or the use of a virtual testing service. Please also note that the virtual testing option is not available for paper/pencil exams. Faculty members using paper exams should disable the virtual testing option from within their SmarterProctoring account. Students can always come on campus to test at no cost. The free vs. pay testing options should be reviewed with students to avoid any confusion when a payment may be requested through the SmarterProctoring system.  For more information on Remote and Virtual testing services offered through FSCJ please contact the Remote Testing Coordinator at OnlineRemoteProc@fscj.edu / (904) 997-2677.

Using SmarterProctoring

You will be able to upload your own exams, set your own passwords and provide detailed exam instructions to proctors and students via SmarterProctoring. Each professor is encouraged to set the exams up in Canvas BEFORE adding them to SmarterProctoring. Please keep in mind that all settings, passwords, etc. should be identical to avoid any problems on testing day.

Each faculty member is able to set exam windows within our pre-set exam date ranges and has the ability to track the testing status of each student from registration to completion. Professors also receive instant notification of any incidents. Students have an option to schedule and reschedule themselves as needed, as long as the exam window is still open. Students can test at any of our campus-wide testing sites (at no cost), through an approved Off-site Proctor or through Virtual Proctoring at their own expense.

*Please Note: Virtual Proctoring requires instructor approval. Virtual Proctoring cannot accommodate paper exams at this time. Therefore, exams offered in paper form are not eligible for this service and instructors should disable this feature from within their SmarterProctoring accounts.

Student Appointments

Appointments are required regardless of the method selected for testing. If students select to test at FSCJ Proctored testing sites, appointments can be made in as little as 30 minutes in advance (some restrictions apply). Students will access the SmarterProctoring link within their Canvas courses to schedule their individual appointments.

Faculty Responsibilities

Each faculty member using Proctored Testing is encouraged to take steps to become familiar with the SmarterProctoring system. Please feel free to review the following resources. 

Testing Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Accommodations for student registered with the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (OSSD) will need to be coordinated through the Campus Assessment Centers. These students will need to contact their campus OSSD representative to schedule testing so that accommodations may be made in an Assessment Center. If a student requiring accommodations chooses to test during proctored testing, they will need to contact proctored testing directly to schedule.  Accommodations will be offered two Saturdays a month at Deerwood center.

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