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These tech tips are intended to offer direction and advice for how to best set up and support your Canvas course.  While not all are required, we highly encourage you to use these tech tools as a means to improve your course, which, in turn benefits the student and promotes positive learning outcomes.

Google Voice

Google Voice is a free resource that allows instructors to maintain open communication with students without providing a personal phone number.  

Information about setting up Google Voice


FSCJ offers free access to Brainfuse online tutoring for all FSCJ students. Brainfuse provides students with synchronous and asynchronous tutoring in a wide range of subjects. You can add Brainfuse directly to your Canvas navigation menu or to a specific module.

Instructions for adding Brainfuse to Canvas


FSCJ uses Turnitin for originality checking and plagiarism prevention. Turnitin is integrated with Canvas, allowing instructors to set-up assignment submissions through Turnitin. 

Instructions for submitting Canvas assignments through Turnitin

Turnitin Instructions for Students

Turnitin Instructions for Instructors

Canvas Studio

Studio is a tool within Canvas that allows instructors to engage students through audio/visual media. You may choose to use Studio to create videos, using your webcam or screen capture tools and adding closed captions for accessibility.

Instructions for using Canvas Studio  


Doodle is an online tool that can be used for coordinating meetings or setting up presentation time slots.

ADA Accessibility

All Canvas course content must be ADA accessible. If you choose to add content to your online class it is critical that the content meets ADA requirements and does not pose problems for any students with disabilities.

Student Software Resources

FSCJ Students can download the Microsoft Office Suite for free on up to five devises.

Instructional Video on Downloading the Microsoft Office Suite. 

Library and Learning Commons Services

FSCJ Library and Learning Commons offer services and support to all FSCJ students, including all online faculty and staff. At every Library location, computer labs are available for student usage, including relevant software related to the programs of study at that specific location.

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