FSCJ Initiative and Activities

FSCJ is committed to reduce the cost of course materials for students through Open Educational Resources where possible. This initiative started with an Achieving the Dream grant to create and offer an entire A.A. degree program pathway using high-quality open educational resources (OER). The overall goal is to help remove financial roadblocks that can derail students’ progress and spur improvements that will increase the likelihood of college completion. The development of the A.S. in Business Administration is also underway.

The annual costs of textbooks are about $1,300 per year for a full-time community college student—roughly a third of the cost of an associate degree. Research shows this cost is a significant barrier to college completion. The OER Degree initiative has created a library of digital, open courses available to other institutions and the public at large.

Using digital and interactive OERs such as open courseware allows faculty to continue to teach students in engaging and dynamic ways and invite students to become more actively involved in their own learning.

OER Courses

The following courses in the AA degree pathway are offered online, and also in evening hybrid completion programs at a few college campuses and centers. Some courses were developed through a Complete Florida Grant*, and include courses in the A.S. in Business Administration.

Adjunct faculty teaching the following online courses will be automatically provided with the OER course materials, integrated into your Canvas course shell. Full time faculty can request the use of these materials by emailing the Center for eLearning at cel@fscj.edu.

AA OER Courses – listed by the five Liberal Arts discipline areas 

Communications: ENC1101, ENC1102, SPC2608

Humanities: HUM2210, REL2300

Mathematics: MAC1105**, MGF1106**, MGF1107**, STA2023**

Biological Science: BSC1005

Physical Science: AST1002, AST1002L

Social and Behavioral Science: AMH2010, AMH2020, AMH2092, DEP2004*, ECO2013, POS2041, PSY1012, SYG2000,

Additional Program Elective Courses: BUL2131*, DEP2002, GEB1011*, LIS1001, LIT2000, MAN2021*, MAT1033**

* Funded by the Complete Florida OER Challenge Grant

** This course includes text materials at no charge but does require a reduced cost homework platform purchase.

Faculty Use of OER

  • Extensive information on Open Educational Resources is detailed in the OER Lib Guide currently available at the following link: http://guides.fscj.edu/oers


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