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Adjunct Performance Evaluation

Beginning with the 2019/2020 Academic year, FSCJ will use myIMPACT (Individually Measuring Performance and Achievement to Cultivate Talent) for Adjunct Evaluation.

As always, FSCJ Online will contact our Adjunct Faculty to let them know that one of our staff will be taking a look at their online classrooms during the term. After that observation is complete, we'll set up a time to chat about the online teaching experience.  Please check out the myIMPACT Training Video to view details on the evaluation submission process.

Our observation will focus on the following competencies and examples related to online teaching. 

myIMPACT Competencies Related to Online Teaching

Accountability – Accepts responsibility and is accountable for achieving results.  

  • Instructor completes the NA process by the submission deadline.  
  • Instructor posts student grades by the submission deadline. 
  • Instructor makes course available on time in LMS. 
  • Instructor responds to inquiries from administration in a timely manner. 

Communication – Promotes clear listening, speaking, and writing skills to support the mission. 

  • Instructor posts regular announcements 
  • Examples of information that could be included in weekly announcements 
    • Instructor posts weekly wrap-up announcements. 
    • Instructor posts an introduction to the upcoming week. 
    • Instructor posts reminders for assignments due in the upcoming week. 
    • Instructors includes mini-lectures or content overviews in the announcements. 
    • Other? 
  • Instructor posts an introduction in “Introductions and Greetings” 
  • Instructor responds to student introductions.  
  • Instructor responds to students’ questions posted in “Questions for Professor” within 24 – 48 hours.  
  • Instructor maintains a supportive tone. 

Learner-Centered Teaching Strategy – Engages students and promotes learning by encouraging active participation. 

  • Instructor supports student engagement 
  • Examples of supporting student engagement 
    • Instructor shares professional expertise. 
    • Instructor provides supplemental information. 
    • Instructor seeds online discussions with follow-up questions. 
    • Other? 
  • Instructor assigns grades within seven days of the submission deadline.  
  • Instructor uses rubrics for grading.  
  • Instructor provides personalized grading feedback. 

Job Knowledge – Demonstrates comprehensive and up to date knowledge of the job. Has the functional and technical knowledge and skills to perform at a high level of accomplishment. 

  • Instructor completes Canvas Course Preparations per the Instructor Guidelines. 
  • Instructor teaches Master Course as designed.
  • Instructor uses the most recent Center for eLearning course syllabus. 
  • Instructor submits the course syllabus in the Online Syllabus Builder. 

Best Practices in Online Teaching