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FSCJ Online Master Courses are designed to meet all course specific Student Learning Outcomes.  Please refer to the Instructor Guidelines for detailed course specific information and preparation requirements. Instructor Guidelines are located at the bottom of the Content Area in Canvas Master Courses.

Items in the following course preparation checklist apply to FSCJ Online Master Courses.

Online Course Preparation Checklist

Prepare the Course Syllabus  

  • Download the current Center for eLearning (CeL) syllabus
  • Customize the syllabus
  • Submit and publish the syllabus in the Online Syllabus Builder

Information on using the Online Syllabus Builder for CeL Master Courses. 

Confirm Instructional Materials 

  • Please confirm that your Instructional Materials match those posted in your syllabus
  • If the materials are not accurate, please contact us.

Information on confirming your course materials. 

Prepare the Canvas Classroom

  • Customize the Canvas syllabus tool
    • Add your Course Introduction
    • Add name, contact information, and self-introduction to the Meet Your Instructor item
    • Paste the URL from your published syllabus to the Download the Syllabus item
    • Set due dates and availability dates for all graded activities listed in the Course Summary table

Information on customizing Canvas syllabus

  • Announcements
    • Create a personal welcome announcement, or edit the existing How to Navigate This Course announcement
  • Discussions
    • Review discussion details and availability dates (default setting in CeL course masters is “Allow threaded replies”) 
  • Assignments
    • Review assignment details and availability dates
  • Quizzes and Exams
    • Review quizzes and exams and availability dates
    • Publish for students to access (default setting in CeL course masters is “unpublished”)
  • Review Canvas calendar
    • The calendar will populate when due dates are posted for graded activities
  • Other Settings
    • Prepare the 3rd Party Platform, if applicable (see Instructor Guidelines) 
    • Link to Brainfuse Online Tutoring, if desired 
    • Add Turnitin Plagiarism Tool to assignments, if desired


Use the “Student View” feature to verify that your course looks correct. Once verified, click on the “Publish” button to make your course available to students.

LMS Resources

Additional resources on using Canvas.

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