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The majority of courses taught by FSCJ Online adjunct professors use FSCJ master courses developed by the Center for eLearning. FSCJ master course content is loaded into Canvas shells six weeks prior to the start of the session.

Please complete the following tasks to ensure a smooth session for you and your students.

Locate the Center for eLearning Syllabus

Please locate and download the syllabus template for your assigned course.  Visit my.fscj.edu, Faculty Center, Faculty Resources, Online Syllabus Builder

Click on CREATE NEW SYLLABUS then GET STARTED on the far-right "Center for eLearning Syllabi" option of the Online Syllabus Builder. Use the dropdown menu to locate the template for your course. Please note: OER versions (if available) are used for all sections assigned to adjunct professors.


Confirm Your Course Materials

FSCJ Online adopts all materials for FSCJ Master Courses to ensure alignment of materials and course content.  Please check your materials for each course to confirm they correspond to the instructional materials listed in the Center for eLearning syllabus.

Refer to Checking Adopted Materials for detailed instructions.

Note: Your book may be selected for the FSCJ Access program. You will recieve email notification from FSCJ Access with directions if this is the case. Please email access@fscj.edu with any questions related to this program.

Prepare Course Syllabus

Please upload your completed syllabus to the online syllabus builder two weeks prior to the start of the session. Please note: OER versions (if available) are used for all sections assigned to adjunct professors.

Refer to Syllabus Builder 2022 for detailed instructions on creating and submitting your syllabus. 

  • Please remember to upload a syllabus in two places: 1) Syllabus Builder and 2) Your Canvas Course
  • Please publish in the Syllabus Builder. Note: It is not necessary to wait for the Dean's approval. Faculty are notified individually if the syllabus needs to be updated for any reason upon review.
  • Under the Quick Links in the Faculty Exchange (left panel), you will find a link entitled: Copy & Paste: Important Dates for Syllabi. This link will open a Word document that includes information for each session.

Prepare the Canvas Classroom 

  • Review the Instructor Materials in your Canvas class.
  • Customize the Canvas syllabus page.
  • Set availability and due dates for assignments, discussions and tests. Refer to New Tools for Easily Managing Dates in Canvas for detailed instructions.  The Canvas calendar will populate when due dates are posted for graded activities.
  • Set course availability dates in Canvas. Refer to Setting Canvas Course Availability for detailed instructions.
  • Review your course in "Student View".
  • Publish your course by 12:00 am on the first day of the session.

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